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If you are looking for respect

If you are looking for respect from the outside You should seek it within yourself. Everything is within us,The healing is within us,the visibility within us , the surrounding only reflects our inner reality.

We came here to do Internal work for self-correction , by healing our self, bringing peace and inner love for my being. Human and divine being. Healing pray- “For all of the times I didn't respect myself,I didn't listen to my inner will, to my inner rhythm.for all of the times I underestimated my self and I didn't believe in my abilities, I didn't trust my own strength,

I apologize to myself,Please forgive me,I love you, I'm sorry ,Thanks 💕 .

The “aponofono “ inner healing pray. Because…everything is inside us -An inner world reflecting to our outer world.

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אנחנו בתקופה שבאה לאתגר אותנו בכדי לזקק מאיתנו את האמונה בעצמנו. אמונה כזאת הדורשת מאיתנו את המנהיגות הפנימית לא עוד אמונה בזכות או בגלל אנשים חיצוניים המחזקים ומאמינים בנו. לא עוד נתעלה כשמרוצים או ש

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